New Moon Charged Selenite Palo Santo Bundle
New Moon Charged Selenite Palo Santo Bundle
New Moon Charged Selenite Palo Santo Bundle
$ 15.00 USD

New Moon Charged Selenite Palo Santo Bundle

Cleanse your aura and clear your heart space with these handcrafted New Moon charged Selenite Crystal Palo Santo Bundles. 

Spiritual and Physical Benefits of Selenite Crystal Palo Santo Bundles

  • Selenite crystals aid in removing energy blockages to shift your consciousness to an open and meditative state.
  • New Moon charging elevates this crystal's natural properties - especially in the realms of change, clearing, and opening space for the new.  
  • Palo Santo smudging clears the heart space and prepares you for meditation with a sweet, spiritual smoke that will leave you feeling cleansed, uplifted, and renewed. 

How to Smudge:

1. Gather a heatproof vessel to hold your Palo Santo once it is burning, and have it at the ready. We recommend an abalone shell, clay plate, or ceramic bowl.

2. Light your Palo Santo at one end until it is full in flame for about 10-15 seconds, then gently wave or blow the flame out resulting in a smudging smoke. Feel free to light the palo santo while united with the crystal for as long as you are able - when it starts to burn down after a few uses, simply untie the bundle and keep the charged selenite as an altar piece. Depending on the length of time it is being used, you may need to re-light the Palo Santo bundle a few times during your ritual process.

3. As the smoke begins to billow, use your hand or a ritual feather to gently guide the smoke where cleansing is needed. For example, begin by cleansing your personal aura by directing the smoke up from your heart space up over your head. For a full body cleanse you can direct the smoke from your feet up over your head, and back down again. For the deepest spiritual benefits, try repeating a mantra or a prayer of healing and release as you perform the ritual.

4. For cleansing your home of negative or heavy energy, simply guide the Palo Santo smoke into all corners, across doorways and into shadow spaces where negative energy may be pooling. Again, try repeating a mantra or prayer as you do this to truly clear the space energetically. 

5. Once your ritual is complete, return the bundle to the heatproof vessel and allow the embers to naturally burn out. 

Happy Smudging!