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Daane, Marisa & Luna




We believe in a life unburdened by excess, and elevated by positive energy. A mindful life spent connecting with nature, building community, and breathing life into our wild roots.

Over the past few years, as we became increasingly moved by the impact of human consumption, we began to make radical commitments to live more sustainably. Taking things one giant step further, we decided to leave our respective career paths behind and embark on a purposeful pursuit to use commerce as a platform for social and environmental progress. We dreamed of building a business that would hold space for expansive possibility and create impactful change.

And thus, Wildland Organics was born.

Built on a foundation of conscious self-care and environmental stewardship, Wildland is committed to helping you live a lighter, more sustainable life. More essentialists than minimalists, we aim to provide a full line of multi-use, travel friendly, and eco-conscious hair and body care products, that allow you to live light and live luxuriously.

We invite you to be a part of this conscious evolution by connecting with us on our YouTube Channel "Live Light" - a platform designed to be an empowering resource for organic lifestyle, mindful living, and high-vibe community connection.

Love + Light,

Marisa & Daane


LATEST NEWS! Click here for more information about Marisa's work with The F Project - an organization committed to supporting Female Founders and the companies they are building for social, health, & environmental good.