"Free Your Hair" Ritual Brush
"Free Your Hair" Ritual Brush
"Free Your Hair" Ritual Brush
"Free Your Hair" Ritual Brush
"Free Your Hair" Ritual Brush
$ 88.00 USD

"Free Your Hair" Ritual Brush

We believe the path to radiant hair starts with a healthy brushing from root to tip before every wash. 

A classic mixed bristle nylon/boar brush on a rubber cushion bed is exactly what the hair doctor ordered. Rooted in a sustainably harvested, intentionally engraved beech-wood handle, the "Free Your Hair" brush takes everything to the next level. Available in 3 unique, handcrafted designs: "FYH Cosmic", "Aquarian", and "Third Eye". 

Designed for all hair types, including coarse curls and kinks, the Free Your Hair Brush is burly enough for everyone. Softened, irregular bristles move oils through to your ends, bringing health and balance to all parts of your hair and scalp. 

Enjoy a complimentary travel size Ritual Oil with every purchase as our invitation for you to indulge in the ancient art of adornment, and develop an intentional hair ritual all your own. 

About the Artisan:

"Free Your Hair, Free Your Life" ~ Roxie Jane Hunt

The Goddess behind this gorgeous ritual brush is the one and only holistic hair artist Roxie Jane Hunt. 

The foundation of Roxie's work is "to help you inspire a more holistic, empowered, and creative relationship with your hair through experimentation, ritual, self-care and adornment." 

She believes in finding "balance and beauty without the typical Shampoo system" - which is exactly what we here at Wildland Organics are all about. 


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