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The Wild Ones is a new blog series featuring some of our favorite people living life by their own rules, making bold choices, and keeping it wild.

This week's Wild One is certified breathwork guide, transformational healer, & mindful life goddess Ana Lilia. Read on for reflections on her greatest life choices, and the natural beauty secrets that keep her glowing from the inside out. 

What is your most important daily ritual?

My morning meditation. After dog duties, I get back in bed and meditate for 20 minutes. It helps me get centered and grounded for the day.

A Defining Moment. Tell us about a pivotal choice you've made in your life that has brought you where you are today. 

The most difficult choice I've made is separating from my husband. We were stuck in the blame game and there didn't seem to be a way to continue our marriage. So I decided two years ago to move out. It was heartbreaking for both of us. Since then we have each done a ton of personal healing and growth and we have reconnected and we're exploring a new way to love each other.

We know you have a penchant for adventure, what is the most inspiring wildland you have ever explored? Any insider tips for travelers interested in following in your footsteps?

I was just in New Zealand. I got to spend time both in the North Island and South Island. There is so much adventure and diversity in New Zealand. I went whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, off-roading in a jeep. And also had a profound healing experience on the island of Waiheke.

Tell us about what you’re up to in this world - you’re passions, your pursuits?

I teach people how to use their breath to transform their lives. I create personalized healing journeys combining breathwork, intuitive guidance, curated music and aromatherapy. Leaving the person feeling connected with their intuition, clear, relaxed and empowered.

The good news is you don't have to live in Los Angeles to breathe with me. I recently created 3 meditations to go along with Wildland Organics Meditation Tea Treatments. It was so fun to collaborate with the Wildland team and write meditations to help you breathe, and also open up to release and receive.

I'm also preparing to go to Morocco at the end of April to lead breathwork at a retreat. The focus of the retreat is Self-Acceptance. We are going to help you reconnect with yourself, de-stress, all while exploring the magic that Morocco has to offer. For more information about the retreat and future consciously connected travel, click here.

Spill your secrets - what favorite natural beauty or wellness products help keep you looking and feeling as amazing as you do?

I use tallow as my moisturizer. I suffer from eczema and tallow has been the only product to help when I get flare-ups. I always have Lucas Papaw Ointment in my purse to add moisture and shine to my lips. And I love Wildland Organics dry shampoo. It's 100% natural, it matches perfectly to my hair color and it helps to give my hair texture.

What is the wildest thing you've ever done? Any lessons learned?

The wildest thing I've done is spend a week in the Amazon by myself. It was quite the adventure. From finding a local shaman to guide me in an Ayahuasca ceremony. The ceremony was just me, my shaman and his wife. To going out at night in the amazon river to look for crocodiles. To being the only guest at my lodge by the end of my stay. And there's no internet or reception, I really felt isolated and alone after my 6 days there. My mind started to panic after being isolated. My last adventure in the Amazon was exploring a part of the jungle that required using a machete to create a path. It felt like at any moment I could die. From the poisonous creatures all around me, to unstable ground, my guide ended up getting stuck in a sinkhole. I had to remind myself to breathe and that I am (semi) safe. It was a wonderful experience that I would do again, but this time with a friend.  

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