Introducing: THE WILD ONES

Introducing: THE WILD ONES

The Wild Ones is a new blog series featuring some of our favorite people living life by their own rules, making bold choices, and keeping it wild.

Our first Wild One is travel goddess, actress, & new mama Liesel Hlista. Read on for reflections on her greatest adventures, and the natural beauty secrets that keep her glowing from the inside out. 

What is your most important daily ritual?

Showering! Lately it is the only time I get to myself without a 1 year old watching my every move.

A Defining Moment. Tell us about a pivotal choice you've made in your life that has brought you where you are today. 

I was working on a job and found out that a male counterpart (doing the exact same job) was making significantly more money than I was. I brought it up to the producer and was basically told that he could recast me in a "hot second" with someone that would do the job for free. I stood my ground bringing up other things that made me uncomfortable during filming and in the end had to walk away. It was difficult to stand up for myself because on paper it was a dream job but I was not being treated in a professional way. Time IS up! Women deserve to be equally respected for their work and it is inspiring to finally see that being brought to light.

We know you have a penchant for adventure, what is the most inspiring wildland you have ever explored? Any insider tips for travelers interested in following in your footsteps?

Mongolia! My husband and I have a map with pins in places we have visited. We were looking at the world and saw a big empty space and said, "What about Mongolia?!" Neither of us knew anyone that had been. It turned out to be a very transformative trip. The lack of wifi was the least of our concerns. We stayed in many yurts across the vast plains of Mongolia while experiencing desert heat, insane winds, rain and snow and sometimes all in the same day. We lived like nomads for a couple weeks and it was the BEST trip that I NEVER want to take again. A one time experience that will live in me forever.

Traveler tips for Mongolia: Layers! Lots of layers! Have an open mind and an explorer mindset. Oh and don't ask, "What kind of meat is this?"

Tell us about what you’re up to in this world - you’re passions, your pursuits?

I am currently figuring out how to still pursue my dreams while being a new mommy. The intense love I have for my little one and my husband expands every day, but I am working on having that same love for myself. Motherhood is an important evolution and we need to be patient and honest with ourselves . I am not going to be exactly the same person that I was before giving birth and that is ok. I am so excited to still dream big and work hard to be the role model that my little girl deserves.

Spill your secrets - what favorite natural beauty or wellness products help keep you looking and feeling as amazing as you do?

1.) I love coconut oil. I love its versatility and use it for everything (cooking, moisturizer, dental care)

2.) Thayers Witch Hazel after I wash my face and to help remove any leftover makeup.

3.) Wildland Organics Super Bar is a new fave! I use it as a body soap and for shaving. I have never liked traditional shaving creams with ingredient lists that cover half the bottle. The Super Bar provides the perfect lather without drying out my skin. I love a simplistic beauty regime that I can trust.

What is the wildest thing you've ever done? Any lessons learned?

I've swam with sharks in the Bahamas, come face to face with a pride of lions while on a bush walk in South Africa, spent every penny I had to travel solo to Costa Rica for two months post college graduation, but none of that compared to dating in LA. There is something about this city that makes dating really difficult. A lot of people move here with big dreams and feel pressure to prove themselves which leads to a lot of insecurities that can filter into relationships. What I learned the most from that was to never settle and never compromise who you are. It also taught me what I wanted from a life mate. In the end I met my dream boat and he was right under my nose all along.


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