The Essentialist
The Essentialist
The Essentialist
The Essentialist
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The Essentialist

Feeling the urge to clear away clutter and create space for the good stuff in life? This trio of versatile, organic products will allow you to easily transition to a life of fewer, better things!

For details on the many uses of each product, click on the links below. 

  1. The Super Bar: 3-in-1 Shampoo Bar, Bath Bar, & Shave Lather
  2. Ritual Oil: An Exquisite Multi-Use Oil for Face, Hair, & Hands  
  3. Dry Shampoos: 2-in-1 Hair & Body Refresher

Reduce clutter and travel light while indulging in the curative benefits of these exquisite, multi-use offerings. 

Note for Pregnant Women: Please consult your health practitioner before trying any new skincare products. Clary Sage is a beautiful essential oil present in our Sun Sage Ritual Oil, Sun Sage Sanitizers & Dry Shampoos - but is not recommended for pregnant women. Essential Oils are very powerful and must be used with caution during pregnancy and beyond. Best to be cautious and seek the advice of your doctor for a complete guide to “safe” essential oil use according to trimester.

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