Sophie Throw Blanket - 100% Turkish Cotton
Sophie Throw Blanket - 100% Turkish Cotton
Sophie Throw Blanket - 100% Turkish Cotton
Sophie Throw Blanket - 100% Turkish Cotton
$ 56.00 USD

Sophie Throw Blanket - 100% Turkish Cotton

Our bestseller, the Sophie blanket, is in a league all its own. With its beautifully simplistic style, Sophie perfectly balances softness and substance. Woven in Turkey from 100% naturally-dyed cotton, this elegant blanket features a natural, ivory-cream base with an understated modern herringbone pattern with vertical black stripes.

Sophie is incredibly versatile. Ideal for every season and everywhere, it is breathable enough for summertime and never overheats during the winter. Generously sized, you can place it on your bed, throw it over your couch, or even bring it along on your next picnic.

In addition to all its wonderful features, Sophie washes and dries well, ensuring that it holds up for years!

Product Features:

-Woven in Turkey from 100% naturally-dyed cotton

-Breathable and lightweight

-Perfect for both home decor and outdoors


Throw: 50” x 68” (127 x 172 cm)


Sophie is the perfect all-season blanket!



For Cotton/ Bamboo-Cotton Products (Towels, Bathrobes, Blankets):

1. Washing: Use warm water to wash our Turkish cotton products. This will help preserve the fabric's softness and absorbency without causing shrinkage or damage. 
For potential shedding, kindly wash large throws and blankets separately for the first 2-3 washes. Afterward, they can be washed with like colors.

2. Detergents: We recommend using mild, liquid detergents without added bleach. Avoid fabric softeners, as they contain silicon that can make the towels less absorbent.

3. Drying: Dry cotton towels in a low heat setting. A longer drying cycle on low heat is much better for the product's longevity than a short cycle on high heat. High heat can cause shrinkage and damage to the cotton fibers, reducing the lifespan of your product.

4. No Bleach: Do not use bleach on our products. Bleach can weaken fibers and cause them to yellow prematurely.

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