Smoky Quartz Lariat Necklace
$ 60.00 USD

Smoky Quartz Lariat Necklace

14k gold fill, genuine raw smoky square crystal.

Intention: To feel grounded and protected.

Affirmation: I am grounded by the Earth’s energy. I am safe and secure.

Chakra: The root chakra- Energy center of the Earth, grounding and protection.


Smoky quartz holds the intention of calm, grounding and protective energy.

Everyone deserves to feel safe and we pray that all living beings be safe and secure.

May you be protected on your journey.


Crystal is about 1” long. Pendulum hangs about 2” long.

Please allow for natural variation in crystals. No two are the same. They are unique, just like you!

What is 14k gold fill? The next best thing to solid gold, better than gold plated! A very thick layer of 14k gold in fused (rather than coated/plated) to a brass core. It is allergy safe for sensitive skin and will never change color.