Noot  Flower Brick - Stretched + Medium in Spotted Brique
$ 44.00 USD

Noot Flower Brick - Stretched + Medium in Spotted Brique

Yes here they are our lovely modern flower bricks. This is the third size of the series we make, we showed you the mini and small one and this one we call Stretched + small... A loger version... This listing is for only 1 brick - (Flower Brick - Stretched + Small) not a set, the picture is an example how the are as a set. The color is a matt soft brique with spots and they are a lovely stone matt. These bricks are totally handmade and can slightly differ from the picture as all of our ceramics.- due to there handmade nature :) Size Stretched + small brick: Hight: 4,5 cm. {1 3/4"} Bottom size approx. 5x14 cm {2 - 5 1/2"} This one has one little hole - Diameter: 2/3mm. The bricks are high fired and watertight and can be used for fresh and dried flowers. Different sizes are available in different colors so you can make your own modern arrangement and have fun!!