Heart Opening Meditation Tea Treatment

Clear blocked energy, balance your heart chakra, and ease into the flow of love with our Heart Opening Tea Treatment.

Lovingly handcrafted, this enchanting blend of curative herbs has been designed as a facial steam, hair treatment, and mindful self-care experience. Our Heart Opening blend has been thoughtfully paired with this guided meditation led by intuitive healer and certified breathwork guide, Ana Lilia.

Discover the magic of this versatile tea treatment by pressing play as you begin your facial steam. For a detailed ritual guide, see below.


Facial Steam: Place 2 Tbs of tea into a teapot with a strainer, a heat-safe bowl, or a clean French press that has no residual odor. Pour 2 cups boiling water over tea leaves, and drape a towel over your head to capture steam. Breathe deeply as you allow the nourishing botanicals to work their magic in harmony with the 15-minute meditation found above.

Calming Elixr: After the meditative facial steam, or as a ritual all its own, strain the leaves and mindfully sip your tea as it nourishes your body internally as a digestive aid (lavender) and anti-inflammatory (chrysanthemum) elixir.

Rejuvenating Face + Hair Mist: After the facial steam, or as a ritual all its own, strain the tea leaves and pour tea into a misting bottle. Keep this delightful herbal brew refrigerated, and use for up to 8-10 days. Enriched with Marshmallow Root and Burdock Root, this blend performs triple duty as a curl-reviving spray and leave-in conditioner as well!

Conditioning Hair Treatment: After the facial steam, or as a ritual all its own, allow the tea to steep 15 min or until warm (not hot). Place a large bowl in the sink, strain tea, and pour gently over clean hair allowing the large bowl to catch the excess. Pour excess tea back into the pouring vessel and repeat 3x. Tea can be left in hair as a leave-in conditioner, or rinsed out for a lighter treatment.

Meditative Bath Soak: Steep half the contents of the full-size jar in a standard size (34 oz) clean French press or Tea Pot (with no residual odor) filled with hot water for 20 minutes. A simple stove-top method works too! Strain the tea and pour into warm bathwater. Press play on the provided meditation (above) as you step into your bath soak, and imagine any emotional blocks you may have built up throughout your day melting away with the warmth of the floral water. Breathe deep, relax, and allow the combination of guided meditation and organic herbs to nourish you - mind, body, and soul.