We Got Into a Start-Up Accelerator!

We Got Into a Start-Up Accelerator!

Just when you thought the big news was over, we've got another whopper for ya! We are THRILLED to announce that Wildland Organics was selected to participate in an esteemed startup accelerator program called The Summer Institute in New Brunswick, Canada. So we're packing up the Tiny House and shipping out!

The start date for the program is April 28th - so that means our vanbuild is in now OVERDRIVE. We've gotta build at warp speed if we have any hope of meeting this deadline... and we've gotta meet the deadline, because if not - we won't have a place to live! So - wish us luck and be sure to watch until the end, we have a dramatic vanbuild update for you!

Also, follow us on Insta for live stories and real-time updates about the build and our big move to Canada!

The Build: @wildlandorganics

Marisa: @lovemarisaq

Daane: @daaneja

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