The Downsides to Tiny Living

The Downsides to Tiny Living

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Today... we will be gettin’ REAL real with you folks.  Because, the truth is - as much as we LOVE tiny living, it can sometimes really suck. And in the spirit of transparency, we feel we should share the real nitty gritty truth about the not-so-fun aspects of tiny life.

So without further ado - here are the Top 3 Reasons Tiny Living sometimes Sucks.

Reason #1: Pooping Privacy.

Or, the lack thereof. The truth is, when you live in ONE room with another human, and only a very thin glass paned door to the toilet… hearing each other’s poop sounds is a daily affair.

Luckily, we’ve come up with a sort-of remedy for this issue by creating a “Poop Playlist”. So...whenever one of us feels a rumble in the jungle, all we have to do say “Alexa, play “The Poop Playlist”. It’s a mix of modern folk rock tunes with lots of instrumental layers to drown-out the “other” less desirable sounds coming from the toilet room.

Awkward. So, quickly moving on to...

Reason #2 Tiny Living Sometimes Sucks: The Getting Ready Dance.  

Getting ready at the same time as your spouse in a Tiny House is nothing short of a nightmare. We try to avoid it at all costs by staggering our schedules so one of us is getting ready at a completely different time than the other. However, when this cannot be avoided - a choreographed dance is basically required. She starts to brush her teeth, then lets me in, then she’s back in to spit, then I get to spit, then she’s back to wash her face while I try to make the most of the 2 minutes I can actually see the mirror, and on and on and on. It’s… not fun. But, since it’s usually avoidable, it’s definitely something we can live with.

And that brings us to...

Reason # 3: Loft Living Woes

Picture this: You get all ready for bed, you turn off all the lights, you grab the dog, you climb the ladder, and you get all cozied up in bed. Then: you realize you forgot something. Water, eyedrops, melatonin whatever. It’s pitch black, you have to crawl over your partner in bed, avoid stepping on the dog in the 12 inches of available floor space, and then climb all the way back down the ladder to get whatever it is you forgot in the cold & the dark. It totally sucks!

If you’re thinking about trying out the Tiny Life for yourself, we hope these little suckages don’t deter you from experiencing the overall awesomeness of Tiny Life as a whole.

We really do enjoy the Tiny Life, and encourage you to watch our YouTube channel to get a taste of the UPSIDE of Tiny Life. 

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Until then, Be Well and Live Light!

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