Eco-Chic Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Eco-Chic Holiday Gift Guide 2017

The holidays are now in full swing, and no matter how I try to get ahead of things - I always seem to be scrambling for gift ideas. Anybody out there relate?

This year, we've committed to purchasing only eco-friendly products from sustainable small businesses for our holiday gift giving - and we are thrilled to share all of our amazing finds for just about everyone on your list! 

Now, before I delve into the gift list I would be remiss not share that my absolute favorite thing about this holiday season is how intentional and present it all feels. In holiday seasons past, when I was a previous version of myself - holiday gift choices were based on convenience (does it qualify for Amazon Prime or Free Shipping?), cost (ok, this is still a factor), and a complete lack of “big picture” awareness of where my holiday money was going, and what impact it was making.

The last part is truly the kicker… it’s where all the big feels really exist. When buying directly from a person who lovingly makes the product you are purchasing, or a small business who is carefully curating those artisan wares…  that “reason for the season” fuzzy feeling happens, and holiday shopping suddenly becomes fun again! I used to have major anxiety around holiday shopping - it was just an additional box to check off my never-ending to-do list. But now, with these new “shop small, shop local” commitments we’ve made - it honestly brings me such joy to get out there and shake hands with the folks who are making the earth friendly gifts I’m giving, and know that my dollar is going towards making the world a better place.

Without further ado - here is our 2017 Eco-Chic + Mindful Living Gift Guide! 


Smokeless Incense from Bodha is all the rage right now in LA... couple that with some Atmosphere Mist from Topanga local GOLDA and you'll be gifting your favorite hostess ALL the mostess!

Bodha Smokeless Incense - $28.00 

GOLDA Topanga Love Atmosphere Mist - $20.00: 



Canyon Coffee. If you haven't heard of them yet, you will. The duo behind this incredibly delicious organic coffee company are local LA entrepreneurs, who were kind enough to take a meeting with us (complete strangers btw!) to share their knowledge when we were just in the beginning stages of developing our own eco-conscious company. Not only are Ally Walsh & Casey Wojtalewicz incredible at what they do, they are also the epitome of grace & generosity. Qualities we will gladly line up to spend our dollar to support!

Canyon Coffee - Chochajau, Guatemala Medium Roast - $17

And speaking of the epitome of grace - we are thrilled to have recently met the beautiful artisan behind Earth + Element Elizabeth Di Prinzio. Also a Topanga Canyon local, she has devoted herself to developing a brand that brings the beauty of the Earth's elements into your home. With a lovely array of products accessible for almost every budget, Earth + Element is quickly becoming a go-to shop for everyone on our gift list year round! Our fave pick for the holidays - these earthy coffee mugs available in rustic white and the most charming shade of pale pink!

Earth + Element - Ceramic Coffee Mug - $45



Canyon Sun Mugwort & Sage Massage Oil by Poppy and Someday. Formulated with the East Indian ritual of Abhyanga (self massage) in mind, this gloriously luxurious body oil is just what the doctor ordered for overworked moms in desperate need of self-care. The benefits of Abhyanga bring vitality, tone, vigor and nourishment to the tissues of the body, increasing longevity, and strengthening the body's tolerance to stress. It also doesn't hurt that it will gift your mom's deserving skin with a beautiful golden glow!

Canyon Sun Mugwort & Sage Massage Oil - $52


What Dad doesn't need a quality, classic crewneck. Our friend Shinya Hasegawa is the creative mind behind the forward-thinking, gender inclusive brand Battenwear. His mission is to create well-made gear that can handle the demands of the great outdoors, while still being fashionable for everyday wear in the city. Committed to humane working conditions throughout their pipeline, and now being sold at hip haberdasheries like Tradesmen Los Angeles - Battenwear is definitely a brand you can get behind.

Reach-Up Sweatshirt, Olive by Battenwear - $120



As a big dreamer myself, I can tell you that mindset workshops like the ones offered by Free & Native have made all the difference for me. I have chased after dreams and lived them, as a result of getting out of my own way. Give a gift that truly keeps on giving with a digital workshop from Free & Native's "Unblocked" series.  

Free & Native Unblocked Digital Workshops - $58



You can't go wrong with macrame when it comes to free-spirited girls in your life. Our radiant friend Esme Aguilar hand weaves all the gorgeous macrame pieces in her shop.  

Macrame Plant Hanger - $65

Pair that with a bottle of Captain Blankenship's Golden Waves Sea Salt Shimmer Spray which gives hair that effortless beachy look + a hint of sparkle, and the bohemian darling in your life will be over the moon!

Captain Blankenship's Golden Waves Sea Salt Shimmer Spray - $28

Also found at our favorite local Green Beauty retailer - The Detox Market!



Fellow Twilight alum Nikki Reed is turning fashion savvy heads with her new eco-venture BaYou With Love. From apparel and accessories to bath, beauty & home - Nikki has designed and curated a truly special collection of eco conscious products that beautifully reflect her passion for all things sustainable.

Already partnering with the likes of Anthropologie and Earth + Element, her wares are fast becoming a staple in every eco-fashionista's closet!

Cupro Hand Dyed Scarf - $80.00


FOR OUR FUTURE (the Kids!)

As you probably know, gifts for children are very age-specific - but here's a few gender neutral ideas that span a range of ages:

Toddler: Green Toys - Sand Play Set - $21.99  - Made in the USA from 100% Recycled Materials and using biodegradable inks on their packaging, Green Toys is a brand you can trust!

Fun for (almost) All Ages:  LUSH Handmade Bath Bombs (*disclaimer: while these products are vegan, they are NOT all-natural. They contain what Lush calls "safe-synthetics" - please read their list of ingredients and make sure you consider them safe too).

LUSH Handmade Bath Bomb - Intergalactic - $7.95

8yrs & Up: Eco-Engineering Solar Rover Kit by Toysmith 4M

Give the gift of knowledge with this eco-engineering kit that encourages kids to recycle and teaches them about the power of harnessing solar energy first hand!


We hope this gift guide has sparked interest and curiosity for the incredible wares these artisans have to share. We have linked to instagrams and/or bios for each seller so that you can virtually meet them, discover what they stand for, and feel good about putting your dollars in the hands of those dedicating their lives to making impactful change. 

Subscribe below for next week's tips on zero-waste gift wrapping & more eco-friendly holiday fun!

Wishing you and yours a very happy holiday season,

Marisa & Daane

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