Sile Column Dress
$ 138.00 USD

Sile Column Dress

The epitome of style and elegance just walked into the room! Let your inner comfort shine as the moon shines on the sea on a summer night! Embrace your spiritual coziness as you hop into our dress, and the flowy skirt takes you away into new dimensions. The column dress that comes with an elegant V neck in the front and back is a super comfortable summer/spring wear and comes with one size. You can adjust the size through the waist for the optimal fit to let your body shine through the dress. Hand-loomed from organic cotton, washed in the sea, dried on the sand, the fabric of the dress has durability and a unique soft texture, letting the gauzy Sile fabric breathe and touch the skin lightly. 

One size fits all

Width: 0.62 mt/24 in Length: 1.30 mt/51 in

Washing Instructions: Machine wash on cold or warm Do not use bleach Do not tumble dry Since the fabric is crinkle by nature, pull at both ends softly

Do not iron the design. Do not dry clean

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