Ritual Bath Set
Ritual Bath Set
$ 28.00 USD

Ritual Bath Set

This elegant trio of a hand wrapped Super Bar, premium teak soap dish, and an energy cleansing Palo Santo stick make for the ultimate in ritual bath sophistication. 

We recommend lighting the Palo Santo wood and setting your intention for cleansing off any stress of the day. Allow the sacred smoke to lift away any worries or negative energy as you prepare your bath or shower with steamy water.

The premium teak soap dish acts as the perfect cradle for your minimalist ritual tool - The Super Bar - which performs 3 in 1 duties as a shampoo bar, bath bar, and shave lather.

Everything you need for a mindful, minimalist shower experience, and nothing you don't.  Allow your body, mind, and spirit to be cleansed with the elevated experience of the Wildland Ritual Bath Set. 

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