Peach Honey Pre-rolls “A Taste”
Peach Honey Pre-rolls “A Taste”
$ 5.00 USD

Peach Honey Pre-rolls “A Taste”

Introducing Peach Honey Hemp Pre-Roll Joints.

Not ready to commit to the whole pack? Just get "A Taste"!

Peach Honey understands that for many consumers, entering the world of smoking CBD can be intimidating and a learning process. "A Taste" gives you the chance to try out the product before deciding if you'd like to purchase a full pack of 6. 

A single joint filled with our organic high-grade hemp flower placed in a glass tube and sealed with a cork top.

This CBD flower is non-psychoactive, which allows our community to enjoy the relaxing benefits of CBD, while remaining alert and focused.

In other words, it won't get you high and is completely legal in all 50 states. Each .5 gram pre-rolled joint contains 100% hemp with no additives. With less than .3% of THC and 14% CBD, this organic high-grade hemp flower is cultivated to deliver you a gooey experience.

It's time to Try "A Taste". Enjoy!