$ 26.00 USD

Faire Exclusive Colors Handmade Concrete Candle Vessels 20oz

BRAND NEW, FAIRE EXCLUSIVE COLORS LARGE SIZE- 4 INCH-20 oz VESSEL GREAT FOR CANDLE MAKERS PLANTER From light to dark, colors are as follows... BUFF, SAND, CANYON, FOG, SLATE GREEN All vessels are hand mixed and poured in small batches, using a proprietary blend of cement and colored with naturally occurring pigments curated from around the world. Because they are hand mixed and poured, each one will be unique. Air bubble and slight color differences are to be expected. Each one is dipped into a non toxic, water based sealant twice, making them impervious to water, candle wax, etc. Vessels are reusable even if candles have been poured in them. Just wash with mild soap and warm water to repurpose as a planter, desk organizer, or anything you can imagine. All of my products are handmade on our family farm in Southern Illinois.