Copper Infused Masks
Copper Infused Masks
Copper Infused Masks
Copper Infused Masks
$ 10.00 USD

Copper Infused Masks

Breathable, light, EFFECTIVE.

These copper-infused masks are naturally anti-microbial - plus the ultra-soft fabric is non-irritating to the skin, even when wearing all day. Constructed with n29, a Korean manufactured, germ-fighting technical fiber made with nano-ionic bonding technology.

Finally some relief for "mascne" suffers - yes, it's a real thing. And if you suffer from it like we do, you will be surprised and delighted by the almost immediate effects of its gentle yet effective performance. 

The mask comfortably hugs your face, no gaps for air to get in, yet it remains feeling light and breathable. For this reason, it is also an exceptional choice for those prone to claustrophobia and anxiety.

Overall - this K-Beauty style mask is a clear winner for anyone looking for equal amounts of comfort and effectiveness.

Care Recommendations:

When washing, please use a natural soap or natural laundry detergent.
Allow to air-dry.
Do not iron.