Wildcrafted Ceremonial Sage Smudge Stick
$ 26.00 USD

Wildcrafted Ceremonial Sage Smudge Stick

Our ceremonial smudge bundles are assembled from hand-harvested Californian White Sage from the Agua Caliente Indian Reservation. Hand wrapped with sacred care by tribal members, the chosen organic thread color of white is intended to represent purity and healing.

The sage grows wild on reservation land, and is kept pure from chemicals and insecticides as it grows over miles and miles of desert. This sacred plant is mindfully and sustainably harvested by tribal members, never taking too much and allowing the young plants to properly take root so they may continue the circle of life. 

Size: Approximately 4.5"

How to Smudge:

1. Gather a heatproof vessel to hold your sage once it is burning, and have it at the ready. We recommend an abalone shell, terracotta plate, or ceramic bowl.

2. Light the bundle by holding a flame to it until it begins to ember and smoke. If it catches a true flame, simply shake the bundle gently or blow on it until only the embers and smoke remain. Depending on the length of time it is being used, you may need to re-light the sage bundle a few times during the ritual process.

3. As the smoke begins to billow, use your hand or a ritual feather to gently guide the smoke where cleansing is needed. For example, begin by cleansing your personal aura by directing the smoke up from your heart space up over your head. For a full body cleanse you can direct the smoke from your feet up over your head, and back down again. For the deepest spiritual benefits, try repeating a mantra or a prayer of healing and release as you perform the ritual.

4. For cleansing your home of negative or heavy energy, simply guide the sage smoke into all corners, across doorways and into shadow spaces where negative energy may be pooling. Again, try repeating a mantra or prayer as you do this to truly clear the space energetically. 

5. Once your ritual is complete, return the smudge stick to the heatproof vessel and allow the embers to naturally burn out. 

Happy Smudging!